Get to Know Liz Woolley

Interior Designer | Owner

The importance of a home interior design cannot be understated as it contributes greatly to the overall well-being of those who reside in it. My commitment to creating captivating and visually stunning designs showcases this understanding. The impact that a well-crafted space not only improves the well-being but helps to create memorable moments to share with others. I feel this dedication to innovative designs sets me apart in the industry.

From colorful interiors that will wow, to timeless furnishings, my designs create a space as unique as each of my clients. I combine both function and aesthetics to add beauty. I’m inspired by our community to create interiors that radiate calm and peaceful vibes. By doing this, I offer an authentic experience that resonates with my clients as well as their friends and family.

I am a seasoned interior designer, having worked in the industry for over 25 years. I received my degree in visual arts with an emphasis on interior design. Right out of college, I began working for an Interior Architecture firm which was one of the top 10 design firms in LA. I received my commercial design experience there and learned to work hand-in-hand with architects. While I was there, I did get married and had my son, which changed my availability a bit. I decided to then pursue residential design and began working for a company specializing in kitchens and bathrooms.

Each client has unique interests, visions, and tastes. Occasionally, different household members may have competing views; although challenging, it is fulfilling to bring opposing views together in a design that everyone loves. I am privileged to be an interior designer. I truly love creating these distinctive interiors that are suited for each client’s taste as well as their lifestyle.

As a designer, I’m often asked, “What style are you?” The truth is I love all styles, and I’m able to design in all styles. Living in the LA area, I have the privilege of being exposed to many people and cultures. I use this exposure in both my residential and commercial projects.

The scope of work is determined by the client. I do not shy away from smaller projects, such as window treatments or countertops, and I also do larger projects, which include restoration projects. There, I create spaces that showcase a building’s past beauty while modernizing it to current technology.

I look forward to working with you and making your dream a reality.

Liz Woolley
Liz Anne Designs